Animation & Motion Capture Student Work

A compilation of excellent student work completed as part of the animation and motion capture papers I teach at Auckland University of Technology. This work ranges from 2012-2022. Many of these graduates are now well-established in the field at leading animation/VFX companies. Several of these films won multiple international awards.

Students whose work is featured in this video include: Oli Bixley, Jaimee Burk, Joy Cao, Kathy Chan, Lynn Choi, Eugenie Chylek-Peters, Camille Cruz, Raphael David, Dana Franklin, Jamie Gits, Bree Greally, Jeeyeon Han, Darlene Hassencamp, Enid Hu, Sarah Johnston, Jolene Lopez, Lily Martin-Babin, Pae Nuanmangsor, Jake Oh, Roger Pang, Hasmita Patel, Jackson Rowe, Jannisa Seck, Varvara Solovyeva, Jason Spicer, Marco Staines, William Tan, Hansika Tiyyagura, Naomi Tjandra , Ply Torthienchai, Brett Whiting